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Holiday home or apartment in Sankt Margarethen

The Salzburg Lungau is a high plateau best explored from a holiday home in Sankt Margarethen. Because the village lies in the middle of the Lungau, idyllically at 1,065 meters above sea level. Always look at theNockberge  and theLower Tauern  you can have a wonderful holiday here.

From summer to winter - there is always something going on in Sankt Margarethen im Lungau

If you decide to stay in a holiday apartment in Sankt Margarethen im Lungau, you won't have far to go to the well-marked hiking and cycling trails. More than waiting on the way60 crystal clear mountain lakes waiting to be discovered by you. From characteristic rock formations to instead of green alpine meadows, here you will find untouched nature as far as the eye can see. Not to be forgotten are the forest areas that cool off in the hot summer and the rushing waterfalls that make the wonderful air even fresher. In yourwinter vacationyou can reach four ski areas within a maximum of 20 minutes driving time from your holiday apartment in Sankt Margarethen:Fanningberg, Schoenfeld,Obertauernand Speiereck-Großeck. Of theKatschbergBy the way,   is right in front of the front door. This ski area is a short walk from most holiday rentals.

Recommended paths for relaxing walks

From your holiday apartment in Sankt Margarethen im Lungau you can reach two wonderful paths in a very short time. Of theRömersteig was one an old connection between Sankt Margarethen and the pond Pichlern. The beginning and end of the path are flanked by Roman figures, making it easy to find the entrances and exits. At theWaterway Leisnitz  is a walking path where you can not only observe the beautiful watercourse of the Leisnitz, but also get to know the legends of the region. At a total of nine stations you will find the written stories and matching stone designs with mosaics. You can also take Kneipp baths and bathe in the stream to your heart's content.

An animal highlight not far from the holiday apartment in Sankt Margarethen

in theSchlögelberger Wildlife Park  Animal and nature lovers of all ages will get their money's worth, all year round! The alpine animal park at 1,300 meters is home to red, sika and ibex. Anyone who arrives at the inn on time can go to the game enclosures and watch the feeding. In the spring the stags are dropped. After that comes a huge antler. And in early summer the animals give birth to their young. In autumn, on the other hand, you can listen to the mighty roar of the deer. This is also the time when the sika deer swap their summer robes for a shaggy winter coat. In addition to the deer, the deer park also has a guard dog, cats and ponies, which are particularly popular with the youngest visitors. After an exciting tour through the wildlife park, you canAlpengasthausSchlögelberger  stop in and let us spoil you with culinary specialties from game and highland beef.


The Samson parade - experience customs up close

A cultural peculiarity in the Lungau is certainly the Samson, a huge heroic figure that was already known in the 16th century. Even today, in Sankt Margarethen and some other places in the LungauSamson moves  which have been recognized by UNESCO as Intangible Cultural Heritage. There are several dates, mostly during the Lungau alpine summer and during the Harvest Festival from June to September. Incidentally, the parades are unique in Austria. The Samson is carried by strong men who, accompanied by dwarfs, dance to the Samson waltz. This will of course be performed by the local music band. In Salzburg's Lungau there are a total of ten Samson figures, all of which weigh a good hundred kilograms and are up to six and a half meters high. The performance of the Samson dance requires a good deal of muscle strength on the part of the wearer. A spectacle not to be missed!

Reside not far from Sankt Margarethen in Lungau

The Samsonumzüge not only take place in the Lungau near a holiday apartment in Sankt Margarethen im Lungau, but also in 

Mauterndorf is only seven kilometers from Sankt Margarethen. in theHeimathaus Dengg  there are threeapartments, which offer themselves as an alternative for a holiday apartment in Sankt Margarethen. And if you are already in Mauterndorf, then you can marvel at the Samson parades right there.

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