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Mauterndorf in Lungau

Holiday apartments in beautiful nature at 1,100 meters above sea level in Mauterndorf

Mautenrdof is the perfect place for nature lovers who want to spend unforgettable holidays in beautiful nature. Our snow-sure and sunny holiday apartments at 1,100 meters above sea level offer vacationers everything they need for a perfect stay in the mountains. Enjoy the wonderful view of the mountains and the picturesque town of Mauterndorf, relax in our comfortable apartments and experience the variety of activities in the area. Book your stay in Mautenrdof today and experience unforgettable holidays in the mountains!

• Snow-sure and sunny holiday apartments at 1,100 meters above sea level

• Unforgettable holidays in beautiful nature

• Apartments with top equipment

• Ideal for hiking and skiing holidays

Mauterndorf market

The Mauterndorf market

Source: Lungauer Volkssagen - Der Markt Mauterndorf by Michael Dengg 3rd and improved edition page 131

Mauterndorf is not only the oldest market in the Lungau, but also one of the oldest places in this district. It was raised to market as early as 1212; Tamsweg is mentioned as such for the first time in 1246 and St. Michael even later. The Romans had probably already built a settlement here, which is said to have been called "In muris". The two Roman roads joined nearby - one from Styria via Seethal - Tamsweg and the other from Carinthia via the Katschberg - and led from here as a street across the Tauern, which is why the Roman provincial administrator is said to have had his official seat here.

Since Mauterndorf can look back on such a long history, many fabulous events are told about this place. The old Roman road is said to have drawn through the Neuseßal on the west side of the village, where the St. Wolfgang church rises today, and a Roman blacksmith is said to have practiced his trade on the eastern slope of this hill. In Steindorf, about half an hour from Mauterndorf, there was probably a Roman temple, as reported by another legend. With the end of Roman rule, the Bavarians moved into the country. After a brief period of Slavic rule, the Lungau was permanently settled and cultivated through them. Mauterndorf came as a gift from Emperor Heinrich II the Holy in 1002 to the Salzburg Cathedral Chapter *), while the castle, the former Roman fort, rebuilt and expanded, often served the Salzburg archbishops as a summer residence. The castle chapel, consecrated in honor of the holy imperial couple Heinrich and Kuni-gunde, still reminds of that gift. First, the legend goes, the Mauterndorf market was further east, on the so-called "Dürnfelde" or "Dürnbühel". The nearby St. Gertrauden cemetery church is said to have been the former parish church. Also, the "Tauernache" - the Taurach - is said not to have taken its course eastward as it does today, but rather flowed south through the Neuseßal into the Murtal.

*) Mauterndorf must have been an important place back then, as the deed of gift mentions many hostels, tolls and the like.

Excerpt from the book "Lungauer Volkssagen" by Michael Dengg, which you can purchase from us. Heimathaus Dengg - holiday home in Mauterndorf.

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