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The journey begins in Heimathaus Dengg

The journey begins at Heimathaus Dengg

The Lungau in the Salzburger Land has a beauty that magically attracts vacationers, culture lovers and nature lovers looking for relaxation. Come by yourself to experience this fascinating landscape with its many highlights! There is a lot to discover between the Nockberge and the Tauern. A new exciting adventure awaits you every day. What is the most beautiful place in Lungau? Get inspired by us.

The Salzburg Lungau
guaranteed snow - sunny - close to nature

The Lungau consists of 15 market and local communities

Mauterndorf,Saint MichaelandTamswegare the three market towns in the Lungau with a formally awarded market right. Of theThe largest town in the Lungau is Tamswegwith less than 6,000 inhabitants.

Furthermore, the Lungau consists of the following local communities:

Goeriach, Lessach,Mariapfarr, Muhr, Ramingstein, Sankt Andrä im Lungau,Sankt Margarethen in the Lungau, Thomatal, Tweng Unternberg,Weißpriachand cedar house.


centrally located -Family vacation in Austria- Holidays in the Lungau

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Sankt Margarethen im Lungau and the Roman road

The Roman Empire was an expanding world power. They built a widely branched and extensive network of roads through large parts of Europe. It is not for nothing that it is said that all roads lead to Rome and one of these roads led to the Lungau early on! The Lungau played an important role in crossing the Tauern, so there was even a Roman settlement called Immurium, which meant that ancient Rome had a noticeable impact on the region.

Although the Imperium Romanum has been history for centuries, remains of the old streets are still preserved - proof of the cultural excellence of antiquity. In the municipality of Sankt Margarethen, for example, there is still a Roman milestone. There is more to see at Moosham Castle. There is an art collection with numerous treasures from Roman times waiting for those interested in history. The overwhelming facility is itself a strong contender for the most beautiful place in Lungau!

Mauterndorf Castle from the 11th century


Where a Roman military camp is said to have once stood, a romantic castle is now waiting to be visited: Mauterndorf Castle. Due to the radiant white of its facade and its imposing size, it cannot be overlooked despite the sublime mountain panorama in the background. Those who enter the facility experience a journey back in time to the Middle Ages. Events are held regularly in the castle. In midsummer, for example, there is a Medieval Spectaculum. Here you can not only discover the most beautiful place in Lungau, but also experience the most beautiful day of the year with the whole family.

More medieval sights in Lungau

Can't get enough of palaces, castles and fortresses? The large number of these historical buildings in the area will make it difficult for you to decide which is your most beautiful place in the Lungau! Between the forests, the 60 mountain lakes and the occasional moorland, three castles are still preserved today. In addition to Moosham Castle and Mauterndorf Castle, the Lungau trio is only full with Finstergrün Castle. In this facility you can take part in guided tours, see the changing exhibitions or let off steam in the climbing garden.

There is much more to see in Salzburg's Lungau! The castle ruins Klausegg and Thurnschall in Lungau are ideal for a relaxed snack in the open air.

A happy excursion with the Taurachbahn

Schoenster Ort im Lungau - Taurachbahn

Are you enthusiastic about things that sparkle with nostalgia? Then take a ride on the delightful Taurachbahn in Lungau! It is an old steam locomotive, which is also the highest narrow-gauge railway in Austria. It offers its passengers plenty of space in charming wagons. Take advantage of the opportunity during your stay in Lungau and travel like 100 years ago through the picturesque landscape of the Lungau! You can enjoy an excellent view of the mountains rushing past. At full steam in around 40 minutes through five communities in Lungau: Mauterndorf with Heimathaus Dengg, Gröbendorf, Mariapfarr, Lintsching and St. Andrä.

Silent Night Museum in Mariapfarr

Have you ever wondered who wrote the popular Christmas carol "Silent Night, Holy Night"? A young man in the service of the Church wrote at least the text in the form of a poem: Joseph Mohr. The work was created in tranquil Mariapfarr, here in beautiful Lungau. Hence the community is nicknamed the Silent Night Place. The year of creation, 1816, went down in human history as the notorious year without a summer. In distant Indonesia, the Tambora volcano erupted about a year earlier, which had a strong impact on the climate in North America and many European countries at the time. Austria was also affected. The temperature fell and remained unusually low for a long time. This led to massive crop failures and, as a result, to hunger. Also because of the coalition wars, the suffering in Lungau was great.

It is assumed that this suffering was the main reason why Joseph Mohr wrote the poem "Silent Night". Perhaps he wanted to give consolation to the troubled people in order to overcome the extraordinarily difficult time. Fortunately, this has been achieved. The person of Joseph Mohr is still recognized in Lungau. So the house of the Mohr family has been preserved. The so-called Scharglerkeusche in Stranach did not belong to him, but to the ancestors of the Christian poet. There is also an exhibition on the topic of Silent Night and Joseph Mohr in the Mariapfarr Museum. In the rooms of the museum, pilgrimage and pilgrimage are highlighted as additional topics. Among the most popular exhibits, however, are the treasures from the Mariapfarr pilgrimage basilica.

The basilica in Mariapfarr

Mariapfarr is one of the most amazing places in the region and certainly a strong contender for the title "Most beautiful place in Lungau". The small community can even shine with a magnificent basilica! There are only 35 of these in all of Austria. But the official title of the basilica minor (Latin for small basilica) was only given to the parish church "To our dear lady" in 2018. The reason for the celebrations: The venerable church has made a name for itself as an outstanding pilgrimage site over many centuries.

2018 was the perfect year for the rededication of the church by the Vatican, the highest Roman Catholic authority. Almost exactly 200 years earlier, on December 24th, 1818, the Christmas carol that had meanwhile been composed for the poem "Silent Night" was premiered in the Salzburg region. The melody for the world's most famous Christmas carol comes from the Austrian composer Conrad Franz Xaver Gruber.

Fly fishing in Weißpriach


In addition to the diverse cultural and historical treasures, the impressive landscape is another reason why you should experience a holiday in Lungau. Use your free time and dedicate yourself to the most beautiful outdoor activities the mountains have to offer! In summer even anglers get their money's worth, because the five-kilometer longa in the Lungau Biosphere Park is a real insider tip for fly fishermen from June to October.

The Longa is a naturally meandering and crystal clear mountain stream that flows through the picturesque landscape protection area of Weißpriach. With this sporty activity you can look forward to the soothing rippling of the water and a heavenly view all around you! With the right bait and a good cast, with a little luck you can even catch brown trout, rainbow trout, char or grayling. With a fishing permit you can take up to four fish a day.

Leisnitz waterway in Sankt Margarethen im Lungau

Schönster Ort im Lungau - Alm

The Lungau is not only a paradise for anglers, but also for hikers. The best way to explore the beautiful nature is leisurely on shoemaker's pony. One of the most popular routes is the Leisnitz waterway. The starting point is the Wasserstein in the village of St. Margarethen, then it goes past the Leisnitzbach. According to the SAC hiking scale, the route is T1, so the tour is easy. At three kilometers, the route is relatively short and at its most beautiful between May and September.

On the way, however, there are 240 meters of altitude to overcome. How good that you can strengthen yourself in the inn on the way if necessary. There are also many information boards with great stories along the route for entertainment. The low level of difficulty is even suitable for families with children. The little ones will certainly be happy about the animal residents along the way. A wildlife park with red, sika and ibex, Scottish highland cattle and alpacas awaits you at the inn. The latter come originally from the South American Andes, but they feel just as comfortable in the Lungau mountains.

Sankt Michael im Lungau and the Katschberg - guaranteed snow
from 1,075 to 2,411 meters above sea level


If you fancy an active winter holiday, you should visit Sankt Michael im Lungau, from here you can take the gondola up to the 2,411 meter high Speiereck or the 1,641 meter high Katschberg with the Katschberg-Aineck ski area. There are numerous offers for families, beginners and advanced skiers. Let off steam on around 70 kilometers of slopes! 16 modern climbing aids provide the necessary comfort.

Obertauern - guaranteed snow from November to the end of April

Obertauern is the most famous winter sports resort in the region and is known far beyond the borders for its guaranteed snow. Obertauern is located in the Radstädter Tauern and is one of the most popular winter sports locations in the Alps.

Schönster Ort im Lungau - Grosskessel

Conclusion: There is always something to discover in Lungau!

Your most beautiful place in Lungau is worth finding. The options are overwhelming! Imposing mountain peaks, sweeping views of the valley, medieval castles, a steaming locomotive, historically significant churches, dreamy brook landscapes and many other highlights attract travel enthusiasts from all over the world to the varied region. There are various offers for leisure activities in summer and winter, because the Lungau is worth a visit all year round. Come by, too, we look forward to your visit!


the Lungau

The Lungau

Source: Lungauer Volksleben | Manners and customs, stories and descriptions from the Lungau by Michael Dengg 3rd ed.

In the south-east of the state of Salzburg there is a Gau surrounded by high mountains, which in its seclusion almost forms a world of its own, the Lungau. It is only open to the east and there it also sends its waters, which the Mur, which rises in one of its side valleys, the Murwinkel, absorbs, in order to then become the main river of Styria.

When in the year 14 to 15 BC Drusus and Tiberius, the step-sons of the emperor Augustus, set out with a significant army towards the north and subjugated everything up to the Danube, the land of the Tauris came into Roman possession and was incorporated into Central Norikum. The Lungau gained greater importance when the Roman Emperor Septimus Severus (193-211) built a new road, the new Roman Army Road, for the rapid transport of the Roman legions from south to north, from Italy to the Danube, the then Roman border Rich, let create.

A strong military occupation of the northern border of the Roman Empire was necessary because the Germanic peoples always tried to invade the Roman Empire by force. During one of these campaigns against the Teutons, the Roman Emperor Markus Aurelius (161-180) died in Vindobona (Vienna).

After the fall of the Roman Empire, the Slavs came and lived here for several centuries until they were ousted by the now resident Teutons, the Bavarians.

The Lungau saw its heyday in the Middle Ages. Trade and mining flourished in the Gau, richly blessed with natural treasures, and for centuries the trade caravans that traveled between Trieste and Salzburg passed through it. Nobility and chivalry held numerous castles and noble residences, citizens and farmers could enjoy a certain wealth on all sides.

But this heyday passed, trade gradually took a different direction after the finding of the East Indian sea route and the discovery of America, the blessing of the mountains subsided, most of the castles and palaces were largely destroyed, especially in the bloody battles of the 15th century, and so the Lungau was gradually abandoned and forgotten. Even the Napoleonic Wars did not leave the Lungau unscathed; it was occupied several times by the French.

That was a bad time for the Gau. But despite the unfavorable conditions, the Lungau has not lagged behind in development, but has kept pace with the development of the time and has made particular use of the achievements of the time.

Tourism is also increasing more and more, with numerous townspeople spending their summer holidays in Lungau. Lungau's mountains are also becoming more and more accessible for skiing.

The Lungau is not only rich in natural beauties and natural treasures, it also has many old monuments, especially from Roman times and many ancient castles, which despite the changing times have survived to our days, proudly looks down from their heights as a memory of the iron-armored Middle Ages.

The Lungau also has many original folk customs and traditions that have been preserved here better than anywhere else. I have tried to describe these preferably and have put some of them down in this booklet.

Into Lungau's legendary land,

Where does the Mur river's silver ribbon originate,

Where the miner's house that guards the treasures

Woll legendary magic and fairytale splendor.

Up to the heights that shone with light

On the sunny mats, the flowers wreathed,

In the valleys lovely meadows,

To look friendly, surrounded by mountains.

Towards the calm alpine lakes,

Charming and beautiful with their sparkle of colors,

Where rock entwined with alpine rush

The edelweiss greets you lightly and fine.

Into the deep, shady darkness of the woods

With her emerald lights twinkling

Inside the little waters rustle as bright as silver:

There you will heal in body and soul.

Michael Dengg

Extract from the book "Lungauer Volksleben" by Michael Dengg , which you can purchase from us. Heimathaus Dengg - holiday home in Lungau .

Schönster Ort im Lungau - Prebersee

Where exactly is the Lungau?

The Lungau is the southernmost district in the Salzburg region and is therefore centrally located in Austria. The Lungau is easily accessible via the A10. Perfect for a long weekend or a longer holiday. The Lungau in Austria has a lot to offer all year round.

When do you book your holiday in Lungau?  

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