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Short breaks: booking gaps at particularly low rates

Kurzurlaub in Österreich

Here you will find holiday accommodation that can also be booked for periods below the minimum rental period.


Are you looking for a holiday apartment and have not yet been able to find the right accommodation for your short holiday? In our booking calendar you can see at a glance which apartments are still available. Some apartments became available again at short notice due to cancellations and are waiting for the next vacationer. The booking gaps (3-5 days) displayed here are automatically offered at a greatly reduced rate.

Ferienwohnung Kurzurlaub

Short break in Austria

Looking for a short break of 3 to 5 nights? Secure our top offers. Do you love hiking holidays in the mountains? Our offers for a short holiday in Austria will make your hiking heart beat faster.

Österreich Kurzurlaub
Kurzurlaub in Österreich

Short breaks for spontaneous vacationers

We automatically offer particularly favorable rates for booking gaps of 3 to 5 days for all short vacationers. Due to different arrivals and departures, short-term cancellations, there are always very special bargains that you should not miss out on. Just take a look at the calendar and find the right booking gap for you at a particularly low price.

Kurzurlaub Buchungslücke
Kurzurlaub Spontan

Tips for the next short trip

We automatically offer particularly favorable rates for booking gaps of 3 to 5 days for all short vacationers. Due to different arrivals and departures, short-term cancellations, there are always very special bargains that you should not miss out on. Just take a look at the calendar and find the booking gap that suits you, at a particularly reasonable price.

Tipps für Kurzurlaub
Ideen für Kurzurlaub

Use bridging days sensibly

In order to make the best use of the days off, you should take a longer vacation once a year and take shorter breaks in between. You shouldn't exhaust yourself completely before you go on vacation, so it's better to plan short trips in between. A short trip is often underestimated to recharge your batteries, but it is of immense value.

Brückentage Kurzurlaub
Brückentage sinnvoll nutzen
Brückentage günstiger Kurzurlaub

Last minute getaway

Last minute short breaks are particularly suitable for finding a booking gap and thus traveling at a particularly low price!

Last Minute Kurzurlaub
Last Minute Buchungslücke

Your perfect and cheap short break - where to go and what to do?

Kurzurlaub günstig

Off to the Lungau, at over 1,100 meters above sea level, the air is particularly good. Enjoy your break here in spring, summer, autumn and winter!

günstiger Kurzurlaub in Österreich

Pure relaxation during a dreamy short break

Do you have a few days off? Often the short time is not enough to travel into the exotic distance. The perfect moment to book a bargain and jet off to the next holiday paradise just around the corner.


traumhafter Kurzurlaub
entspannter Kurzurlaub

Time out to breathe deeply

Take some time out for a short holiday close by and yet far away from everyday life. We have the perfect offer for you for a break in the Alps. We'll show you how you can make your stay particularly enjoyable - whether it's a relaxing long short weekend, a short vacation with your partner or a break with the family.

Auszeit Kurzurlaub
Kurzurlaub Auszeit
Auszeit Buchungslücke

top offers

Top Angebot Kurzurlaub
Top Angebot Urlaub
Top Angebot Buchungslücke
Aktion Buchungslücke
Heimathaus Dengg Buchungslücke

3 days - hiking experience in the Salzburger Land


Vacancies in bookings (3-5 days) are always offered at particularly favorable prices at Heimathaus Dengg. Check the calendar for a booking gap. Our prices will convince you!

Buchungslücke Wanderurlaub

3 days - skiing fun in the Salzburger Land

The weather forecast reports fantastic weather on the slopes for the next week, off to Heimathaus Dengg. A short trip to the Lungau to recharge your batteries is now just the right thing. Short breaks are very trendy and provide a break from everyday life. Keep an eye out for the next booking gap and save money.

Buchungslücke Skiurlaub

Vacation or short vacation?

How long should a vacation last?

Two to three weeks of vacation are necessary to be able to switch off, but sometimes that just isn't possible. Hence the trend towards short vacations. Long-distance travel is ideal for discovering foreign countries and immersing yourself in unfamiliar cultures. But short trips are also very popular: The advantage is that you only need a few vacation days and still have the opportunity to relax for a few days.

When it comes to rest and relaxation, the Lungau is the perfect region. Relax, go for a walk, hike, ski, just take it slow. A short vacation can help to reset priorities in life, to orientate oneself and to focus. You can escape from everyday life and new horizons open up.

Kurzurlaub 3 Tage
Kurzurlaub 4 Tage

Short break with children

A short holiday with children in Austria offers the perfect break from everyday school life, to which the parents are sometimes just as exposed as the children. Spend valuable time together as a family outside of the holidays. However, a short vacation with children should be well planned. In Heimathaus Dengg you will find the right holiday home as a starting point for hikes, days of skiing and excursions to castles and palaces.

Kurzurlaub Kinder Buchungslücke
Kurzurlaub Kinder

Active holiday in Austria

An active holiday is perfect for anyone who wants to experience sporting adventures over a short weekend. Sport and exercise are the focus here. The range of activities for your short holiday is very diverse, you only set your own limits. Go skiing, mountain biking or climbing, explore the beautiful region by bike, conquer spectacular hiking trails in the Hohe Tauern, book yoga courses or train in nature, with nature.

Buchungslücke Aktivurlaub
Kurzurlaub Winter
Buchungslücke Winterurlaub
Kurzurlaub Sommerurlaub
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