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Magnificent landscapes right in front of the apartment in Weißpriach

Heimathaus Dengg

Did you know that the Weißpriachtal was voted the most beautiful place in Salzburg and one of the most beautiful places in Austria in a TV show by the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation? The side valley of the Lungau truly deserves this award. At the latest when you look out the window of your holiday apartment in Weißpriach you will understand why!

The ideal vacation spot in every season

If your selected holiday apartment is in Weißpriach, you will enjoy the view of lush green forests and fragrant mountain pastures to the fullest. In addition, you don't have to go far to the unique landscape of the valley of the same name. Already at the entrance to the Weißpriachtal, which is part of theUNESCO biosphere reserve region Salzburger Lungau ist, you can relax along a wonderfully refreshing stream with crystal clear water and lots of fresh air. The town itself is at an altitude of 1,099 meters and is surrounded by wonderful mountain peaks that are around two thousand meters high. Take advantage of the good location of your holiday apartment in Weißpriach to take a walk on lonely gravel paths and enjoy the beautiful landscape. The resort is the perfect place to relax and unwind at any time of the year.

Diverse activities in the fresh air

If you like to be out and about in the great outdoors, the best way to start the day is from a holiday apartment in Weißpriach. Because it's summer hereHiking, mountaineering and mountain biking announced, where leisurely excursions with the family are just as possible as demanding tours. The most beautiful hiking routes are located along the Longa in the rear valley. Ideal hiking destinations are also theWirpitschsee or the many other mountain lakes in the area. in theWinter holiday in the LungauBoth skiers and cross-country skiers get their money's worth, for example in theFanningberg ski area or along the stream to theDicktlerhütte. What horse enthusiasts can do in Weißpriach all year round is of course horseback riding. On "horseback" you get particularly close to the unique nature. In addition, as is well known, the "luck of the earth" lies there.

Attention anglers!

From a holiday apartment in Weißpriach you are only a stone's throw from thefly fishing removed. At the idyllicMountain stream Longa, where char, grayling, brook and rainbow trout cavort in the crystal-clear water, there are numerous opportunities for this. The stream conditions and flow rates vary depending on the location. There are therefore many opportunities for fly fishing with barb hooks in the meandering mountain stream. However, remember to get a fishing license beforehand. Up to four fish can be caught per day. For more information on fly fishing in the Longa and how to purchase a fishing license go



Discover cultural sights in town

The municipality of Weißpriach, which has just over 300 inhabitants, is surrounded by alpine pastures, forests and mountain lakes, a landscape that is a breathtaking sight in itself. However, Weißpriach also has a cultural treasure to offer: theChurch of St Rupert. This church is considered to be one of the oldest places of worship in the Salzburg region and is the only remnant of the formerWeisspriach Castle. Inside are unique11th and 12th century frescoes. Also extremely worth seeing is theSt. Leonhard statuemade from a single piece of wood. Outside the church, only the remains of the castle wall and a bricked-up doorway are reminiscent of the former castle. Incidentally, the word "Weißpriach" comes from the Slavic and means "arrived at the height". The town was named after southern Slavs who settled here in the 6th century.

No holiday apartment found in Weißpriach?

If you haven't found what you're looking for in Weißpriach for a holiday apartment, you can also discover some accommodations in a fantastic location in the vicinity of the village. ThatHeimathaus Dengg  for example offers threeApartmentsand is located in the beautiful Mauterndorf, in which there is still an imposing castle to visit today. Mauterndorf is only seven kilometers from Weißpriach. You can explore two fantastic towns at the same time and enjoy the Lungau landscape to the full on the way.

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