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Travel insurance for your vacation at Heimathaus Dengg

In order to save costs and hassle, we recommend taking out travel cancellation insurance, as a precaution against cancellation, early departure and mountain rescue (including helicopter rescue) the Hotel Cancellation Plus or the extensive Hotel Cancellation Premium insurance (including accident benefits):

Are you insured with your credit card?

Please check whether this offers sufficient protection, in some cards the cancellation protection is sales-dependent, with a deductible, limited to a certain amount, or limited to the owner, so that illnesses in the family are often not insured. You can obtain more information from your credit card company.

What is to be done in case of damage?
You or your guest can report cancellation cases online via our website or using the claims form.
Damage form in German
Claims form in English
In the event of cancellation, we ask that you forward the claim form together with the cancellation invoice so that we can process the damage quickly and efficiently.
You can reach our claims processing department here: Tel: 01/317 25 00/73950 -

Information sheets with benefits, conditions and premiums for the insurance products:
Hotel CancellationPlus information sheet: German and English
Information sheet Hotel Cancellation Premium: German and English

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Travel insurance for your vacation in Lungau - Heimathaus Dengg

To save unnecessary expenses and anger on fees for cancellation or termination we recommend concluding a travel insurance, either the Hotel Cancellation Plus (including helicopter rescue costs) or the extensive Hotel Cancellation Premium Insurance (also accident benefits):



Insurance in your credit card?

Be careful, in many credit cards a travel insurance is included, but often with excess, turnover dependent, limited on a special amount, for the bearer only. Illness of family members could be excluded. Please make sure that your coverage is sufficient. Therefore please ask your credit card institute.

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